Top 10 home trends for 2021: Ways to make it easier to work, exercise, study and relax

Top 10 home trends for 2021 — a permanent home office and resort-style living, indoors and out — are directly connected to needs we discovered while staying put during the coronavirus pandemic.

Researchers at the real estate marketplace Zillow came up with 10 home updates people want to make it easier to continue to work, exercise, study and relax at home.

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“From Zoom rooms to smart-home technology, these trends will make homes more functional, comfortable and safe for the whole family, and in some cases, even add value,”

Accorind to a Zillow News Release

Stephanie Bateman Group has highlited the top 10 trends for 2021 as predicted by Zillow and a Portland-area home for sale with that feature and the author of the snippet above.

HomeCation Amenities

With nowhere to vacation, home shoppers moved “pool” to the top Zillow keyword search term in 2020. “Waterfront” and “dock” were also frequently sought.

Zoom Room

Being able to have a dedicated home office was the number one reason Americans working from home say they would consider a move, according to a Zillow survey. Employers who will allow telecommuting to continue after the pandemic is under control will make the desire for a Zoom room permanent.

InterGenerational Living

Homes with a self-contained apartment in the lower level or in the backyard were used to shelter several generations of a family, especially when elderly members left retirement communities and young adults moved back home when colleges switched to virtual instructions and businesses closed due to the pandemic.

About one in six Americans currently live in multigenerational households…

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Gourmet Kitchen

A Zillow survey found 41% of people value a well-equipped kitchen more after stay-at-home orders closed restaurants. Most plan to continue to exhibit their culinary skills in the future, and home shoppers are looking for kitchens with bigger cabinets and an island.

Outdoor Kitchen

People see the value of having a large outdoor space after feeling cooped up during stay-at-home orders and wanting to entertain friends and family outdoors while socially distancing, according to a Zillow survey and Harris Poll.

Homes with a fire pit mentioned in the listing sold for 2.8% more than similar homes and those with an outdoor kitchen sold for 4.5% more, Zillow found. Smart sprinkler systems and outdoor lighting are other features that help a home sell up to 15 days faster than expected.

Smart and Safe Homes

Builders, designers and real estate agents report that coronavirus-inspired home projects, big and small, include installing easy-to-clean materials and surfaces; touch-less features, especially at the kitchen sink; self-cleaning, wall-mounted toilets; and improved fresh air systems such as heat recovery ventilators.

People are also preferring voice-activated faucets, robotic vacuums and electronic-assistant controlled lights to make life easier, says Zillow.

A Zillow analysis found homes with a smart light mentioned in the listing description sold seven days faster than expected, and listings mentioning a smart thermostat sold six days faster than expected.

Small City Living

Since telework reduces the need to be close to urban job centers, shoppers in 2021 may opt for wide open spaces and smaller, more affordable communities, say real estate experts.

Newly pending sales for small cities, with a population between 54,000 and 137,000, has increased 34.3% since last year, says Zillow.

Health and Wellness

When gyms closed, people recognized the need to have exercise equipment at home. When social activities stopped along with seeing loved ones to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the feeling of isolation set in. Some people who use reflection and meditation to stay mentally fit spend time at home in a soothing, meditation space.

In November, 4.1% of for-sale listings on Zillow mentioned health and wellness areas in the home as lockdown orders resumed and daylight hours for outdoor activities shrank.

Pet Friendly

The flexibility of remote work and being home all day allowed more people to care for pets. A 2020 Zillow analysis found for-sale listings mentioning a pet shower or dog wash sold for 5.1% more than similar homes, while listings mentioning a fenced backyard sold 6.8 days faster than expected.

New Construction

Interest in new homes has increased significantly on Zillow, up 82% in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the same quarter a year ago.

A 2020 Zillow survey found more than a quarter of buyers who bought a new construction home did so to customize home features, while 37% chose to be the first owner because everything in the home was new and never used.

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